My Swedish heritage inspires me every day and I love creating new designs that combine Scandinavian textile traditions with new trends for fashion and home.

Born in Borås , the Textile and Fashion Centre of Sweden, Anette grew up in a home where handmade was a way of life.
An early interest in craft as a hobby later grew into a global business of branded embroidery and knitwear products including kits, ready made, yarns and patterns - all imbued with the simplicity of function and form for which Scandinavian design is so revered.
Starting out in advertising and later trend forecasting, a short - term contract in Melbourne, Australia developed into a love affair for the Aussie lifestyle lasting more than two decades. Years of experience within the fashion and textile industries has garnered Anette a unique insight into the development and practice of current and future trends, fashion collections and interior concepts.
In 2005 while living in London, Anette was awarded a BIDA award (British Interior Designer Association) for outstanding design for a collection of home interior products, with selected designs being sold in internationally renowned London department stores Liberty and later John Lewis. Back home in Sweden, Anette was selected to be part of a prestigious
group of Scandinavian designers for Kosta Boda Linneväveri and developed a new range of textile products for the home.
Today, coming full circle back to Sweden and the town that first inspired her, Anette continues to design with a global mindset, creating products that reflect current home interior and fashion lifestyle, but always with a focus on simplicity ‘on trend’.