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  • ALICE pattern

    Regular Price: 49 kr

    ‘Alice’ is a Classic design with monogram feel!
    Following letters available: A,B,C,D,H,L,M,N,O,Q,R,S,T,U,V,Y
    Please advise letter in checkout
    Stitched on a neutral homespun/calico with backstitch.
    You need a good textile pen to transfer the pattern onto the fabric.
    Finished cushion: 16″x16″ (40x40cm)

    The PDF Pattern includes the following:
    ~ Design
    ~ Simple instructions & how to prepare your project
    ~ Color Key & yarn details
    ~ “How to Stitch” Tutorial
    ~ “How to make a Slip Pillow Cover” Tutorial

    The PDF Pattern will be sent to the email address nominated in your account within 48hrs after payment.
    Please respect that this design is under copyright and cannot be reproduced in any shape or form. Printing & Photocopying should be for private use only to the customer who purchases this pattern.
    © 2014 Anette Eriksson