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It is very simple. Stitching is my ‘yoga’ – the time of the day I relax after a busy day!

“My Swedish heritage inspire me everyday,and I love creating new designs that combines Scandinavian textile traditions with new trends for home interior.”

Born in Borås, Sweden (the Textile & Fashion Centre in Sweden) I took an early interest in craft – a hobby that today has grown into a branded product. My career started in advertising for the fashion and textile industry, developed into trend forecasting – which then took me on my journey out in the world. 1990 I moved to Hongkong, and after 2 exciting years I had the opportunity to land a contract in Melbourne/Australia for 9 months – which ended up being 20 years stay! My passion for everything handmade grew during this time, and 2005 I attended a trade show in London, exhibiting with my embroidery together with a knitted homeware collection. The result was a BIDA award (British Interior Design Award) and an opportunity to showcase my range at the Liberty store, a dream for any crafter! In Sweden I was selected to a group of Scandinavian designers for Kosta Boda Linneväveri and developed a new range of textile products for the home.
2010 it was time to end the world tour – back home in Sweden again!

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